Note: Diamond Air Corporation only offers technical support to contractors.

Home Owner Technical Support:

1.Read your manual and the below most common issues and determine if you can rectify the problem yourself.

2.Contact your installing contractor for service.

3.Contact the supplier you purchased your system from.

Contractor Technical Support:

1.Read installation and owners manual for guidance as well as below common issues.

2.Take notes of any error message codes at condenser and air handler

3.Fill out contractor technical request form from web site and check out.

4.Be prepared when we contact you to have the above information.

Most common problems and fixes for Central air systems

1.Improper charge usually low on refrigerant. Add refrigerant per charging tables.

2.Incorrectly wired low voltage to thermostat or wrong thermostat. Read low voltage schematic and check to be sure thermostat is compatible.

3.Duct work leaks resulting in a loss of cooling or heating capacity

Most common problems and fixes for ductless mini splits:

1.Failure to turn off or disconnect high voltage power going to outdoor unit until ready for start up.

2.Failure to tighten compression nut fittings to correct torque as outlined in installation manual.Under or over tightening can result in a refrigerant leak and/or damage to the copper line or fittings.

3.Failure to use a minimum of 16 gauge stranded copper control wire will cause communication errors and false error codes as well as improper operation of system.

4.Failure to properly follow wiring diagram in installation manual. (each block corresponds to each indoor unit)

5.Failure to add refrigerant when total line sets exceed factory charge or there is a loss of refrigerant. You must weigh in R410A per charging charts.

6.Failure to open all king valves at the outdoor unit. Both suction and liquid lines on all connected ports in use. Also on a multi zone unit requires that the master king valves have to be opened as well. This is located at the very top of the king valves with no copper running to them.

7. A multi zone system can only run the indoor units on either heat or cool. You can not operate one zone in cool mode and another in heat mode. The heating mode will always take priority over cooling.

Most common error codes on indoor display:
EC- Low on refrigerant, undercharged or a refrigerant leak at copper connections.

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Technical Support Request Technical Support Request

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